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Council Member: Chairman


Sujana has sat on the Norwich Centre Council for many years, but most recently rejoined in September 1999.

He took up the mantle of Chairman in 2010. As Centre Chair, Sujana is responsible for the spiritual welfare of the Centre, and he is also has a responsiblity to the wider Triratna Community. He works with the trustees, other Order members, and others at the Centre to clarify its spiritual direction.

Council Member: Treasurer


'the bearer of light'

Alokadhara originally met the Dharma in Brighton, but he moved to Padmaloka before his ordination and has been living in Norfolk ever since. He joined the Council in January 2009.

In addition to his role as Treasurer, he teaches weekly classes at the centre and regular courses on Meditation & Buddhism as well as the Foundation Course, and is the Buddhist Chaplain at the UEA.

Council Member


'lion who dances in the freedom of space'

Sinhadakini is involved in teaching, directing study and befriending at the Centre. She works in education, has two grown up sons and is writing memoires of her early life in Sheffield.

Council Member


Kalyanamati joined the Council in March 2015. He is also the men's mitra convenor. 

Council Member


'he who is endowed with compassion'

Dayapanna joined the Council in September 2005.
In addition to taking lunchtime meditation classes on Monday, some afternoons Dayapanna disappears into the small shrine room with others of the Centre Council to plan and direct the affairs of the Centre.  At other times he may be seen doing some DIY with Sujana, our Chairman, or carrying out minor electrical work.


Council Member


'she who sings the truth'

Satyagita attends and supports various retreats throughout the year, and has sat on the Council since November 2002.

Council Member



Sarvananda sat on the Norwich Buddhist Centre Council many moons ago, but has most recently joined again in November 2011.