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Going Deeper Buddhist Meditation Course

'The Vajra and the Lotus'

The Buddha emphasised Right Effort in his core teaching of the Noble Eightfold Path. Our practice in general, and meditation practice specifically, is a dance between the active and the receptive, symbolised by the vajra and the lotus. Join Suryadarshini and Viryashalin to explore methods to focus in, and approaches to expand out.

This course is aimed both at people who have completed the introductory courses, as well as at more seasoned meditators. You can either sign up for the discounted rate or you can attend on a drop-in basis.

Led by Suryadarshini & Viryashalin.

Wednesday nights 7 - 9pm
27 Feb to 3 April
6 weeks £30/£26 or drop in for £7/£6

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