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Buddhism Course

'Tools for Living Your Life'

How can we follow a spiritual path in the 21st Century with all its distractions and busyness? How are the teachings of the Buddha, from more than 2,500 years ago, still relevant to our modern lives? Come and explore these questions and more, on this practical and down-to-earth six-week course, through instruction, discussion and practical exercises. Open to all, experienced and newcomers alike.

The course is based on the book "Tools for Living your life" by Vajragupta, (Windhorse Publications.) If you can, please buy the book from the Centre before the course starts. Or on the first night if that's not possible. The book will be available at the reduced rate of £9.99 for course members only!

Led by Amanda, Anna & Sarvananda

Thursday nights 7 – 9pm
18 July to 22 Aug
6 week course £65/£50

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