Buddhism / Courses

Find below our Buddhism Courses running between January and June 2020. There are introductory courses for beginners and going deeper for those with some knowledge and experience. Or maybe the year long Foundation Course.

Book online using the links below.

Buddhism Course for Beginners

The practical and down-to-earth teachings of Buddhism are as relevant today as they were over two thousand years ago. Come and discover how to understand and transform your heart and mind on these six-week courses of instruction, discussion and practical exercise.

Led by Amanda, Mari and Sam

Thursdays 7 – 9pm
19 Mar to 23 Apr
6 week course £65/£50

Living Buddhism Foundation Course - Term 2

Term 2 of three ten week terms that give a thorough grounding in Buddhist teachings and practice. Open to those who have completed one of our Buddhism courses for beginners, or with an interest in Buddhism. Please contact Vajragupta or Sarvananda to see if this course is appropriate to you.

Led by Sarvananda and Vajraguptā

Before booking please get in touch with the Centre to register your interest.

Mondays 7 – 9pm
Term 2: 20 Apr to 29 Jun
10 week course £95/£75

Term 3 dates for September 2020 to be confirmed

Going Deeper with Buddhism Course - Dependent Arising and Emptiness

This course combines the studying of, and meditation on, dependent arising and emptiness which leads us towards seeing through the illusions that create suffering.

For Mitras and Order Members

Led by Alokadhara

Sat 9.30am - 12.30pm

2 May to 20 Jun
8 week course £86/£66

Going Deeper with Buddhism Course

If you have completed a Beginners course, this course will help you learn more and put some of the Buddha’s insights into practice by enquiring into what it means to live a fully human life. This course is also suitable for those with more experience.

Led by Alokadhara

Thursday nights 7 – 9pm
7 May to 11 Jun
6 week course £65/£50

Saving The Earth - A Buddhism and Meditation Course

Faced with the climate crisis we can easily feel overwhelmed andwithout hope. What might a Buddhist response be to this crisis? And how can meditation and Buddhist teachings enable us to become less fearful and more effective in dealing with that crisis? The course will be based on the book, "Saving the Earth" by Akuppa, who will be joining us for one of the evenings.

Led by Sarvananda and Joris Depouillon
29 May to 3 Jul
Fri 7 – 9pm

6 weeks £65/£50

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