Buddhism / Courses

Qualities of Mind and Heart that lead to Enlightenment

A five week Online Buddhism course on The Five Spiritual Faculties

Each of has the seeds of Buddhahood within us, but those seeds need watering with a path of practice. Buddhist teachings are very straightforward and practical and very profound. They are easy to understand at a superficial level and hard to apply consistently to our lives. On this course we’ll look in depth at one particular teaching: The Five Spiritual Faculties which are Confidence, Wisdom, Calm Concentration, Effort and Mindfulness. The course will include talks, discussion groups, home practice and short meditations/reflections.

Suitable for all.

Led by Vajragupta

Wednesdays 7 – 9pm
10th Nov - 8th Dec
5 week course £45/£35

**Book by 2.30pm on 10th November to ensure that we have time to send you the Zoom link. Please check your spam/ junk folder for the links!**