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In the Buddha's Words (Part 1)

Using Bhikkhu Bodhi’s brilliant Anthology, on this course we will delve into the richness, beauty and profundity of the Buddha’s teachings as communicated through the Nikāyas of the Pali Canon.

We shall also practice, and hold the teachings, within the context of the four Brahmavihāra meditations of loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity. Each week there will be an opportunity to share and clarify our meditation practice.

This course is open to all who have a keen interest in the teachings found in Early Buddhism and have been practicing for at least a year.. Participants will need to acquire a copy of Bhikkhu Bodhi’s book of the same title.

Led by Alokadhara and Shraddhadhi

Saturday 28 November to 9 January

3pm – 5pm (No class 26 December)

6 week course £65/£50

Part II of the course will commence in early 2021.

** Please book by 3pm Friday 27 November so that we can send you the Zoom link**