Buddhism / Courses

Shining the Light of Wisdom

Using Bikkhu Bodhi's Anthology we will be studying the Buddha's discourse on right view and the domain of wisdom by way of the five aggregates, the six sense bases, the six elements, dependent origination and the four noble truths.

For anyone who has attended an intro Buddhism course and with a keen interest in the Pali Canon.

Led by Alokadhara.

Saturday mornings 9.30am - 12noon
28 Oct - 9 Dec

8 week course £70/£55

Going Deeper with Buddhism
(6-week Course)

A Buddhist Life Fully Lived

The spiritual life is a process of becoming more integrated, more emotionally positive, giving up what holds us back, fulfilling our potential and becoming more sensitive and receptive to ourselves, others and the world. This path is reflected is our meditation practices, our ethical awareness, as well as through reflection on particular Buddhas and their qualities. This six week course is suitable for anyone who has been on an introductory Buddhism course, as well as for those who enjoy exploring a Buddhist way of life.

Led by Sarvananda and Vajragupta

Monday nights 7.30 – 9.30 pm
30 Oct - 4 Dec
6 week course £55/40

Living Buddhism Foundation Course

Our beliefs and ideas about reality have a major effect on how we live and feel. This course explores key teachings and principles of Buddhism. As this is Term three of a one-year course, entry is at the discretion of the course leader. Email us at info@norwichbuddhistcentre.com if you'd like to enquire about joining the course. Led by Kalyanamati.

Thursday evenings 7.30 – 9.30pm
10-week term
£90//£70 concs.
Term three: 21 Sep – 23 Nov