Buddhism / Events

Men's Buddhist Workshop

An opportunity for men to get together to explore and practice meditation and Buddhism. Open to all men.

Led by Kalyanamati and team

Last Saturday each month 10am – 12 noon

25 Mar
29 Apr
27 May
24 Jun

Stream of Devotion

Mornings of themed Pujas, chanting, visualisation and reflection. Get acquainted with some of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who inspire us with their enlightened qualities. Two hours of heart-opening devotional practice. Led by Vajragupta and Bodhivajra.

Saturdays 10am – 12 noon
14 Jan
11 Feb
11 Mar
15 Apr
13 May
10 June

By donation (suggested amounts £6/£5)


A monthly meeting in which we engage the heart and imagination through the arts. By donation.

one Friday a month, 7.30 - 9.30pm

Fri 17 Mar
Fri 14 Apr
Fri 12 May
Fri 9 Jun

Women's Dharma Workshop

The WDW is a creative exploration of the dharma by women at the Norwich Buddhist Centre, to deepen our practise and friendships. Open to all women who regularly attend the centre.

Fridays: arrive at 5:30pm for a prompt 6pm start - 7:30pm
27 Jan
24 Feb
31 Mar
28 Apr
26 May
30 June


Buddha Day Festival
(at Viryashalin's, near Holt)

The biggest event in the Buddhist calendar. On this day we celebrate the Buddha Shakyamuni's enlightenment and reflect on what enlightenment means to us. Open to those who are familiar with our two meditation practices and have an interest in Buddhist ritual.

Sun 14 May
10am - 5pm

please bring a vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share
donations welcome

*you must arrive BY 10am if you are attending in the morning
otherwise, please come along at lunch or afterwards*

There will be a fully supervised kids' area and activities; kids under 7 must be accompanied by a parent.

10am - 12midday meditation, talks and chanting
12.15 lunch
1pm story of the Buddha's Enlightenment - including a treasure hunt!
2pm short talks & tea break
3pm Secret Sangha gift exchange
3.30pm Buddha Day puja, including mitra ceremonies!

Paramabandhu visits Norwich

Another visit from our President and friend, Paramabandhu. He is happy to meet up with people, so if you'd like to make a time to meet him, please contact the Centre. He can meet up either one-to-one or in groups. A good idea might be to arrange to meet him with your Going for Refuge group or Mitra study group. You can read more about what a President is here and more about Paramabandhu here.

He’ll be available to meet up Saturday afternoon 2.30-5pm, and all day Monday, including a lunch slot. Please book your slot at the centre.

a study day for Order Members
with Paramabandhu

An opportunity to study with our president, Paramabandhu.

Sun 28 May
10am - 4pm

By donation (suggested amounts £30/£25/£17)
Please bring vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share

BAM (Buddhist Action Month)

How do we deepen our practice of compassion in our daily life? Engaged Buddhism asks that we take our practice off the cushion and bring it to discussions, contemplations and actions on the environment, sustainability and low carbon living.

Sun 4 June 10 am – 4pm a morning at the centre exploring the theme of BAM and setting our intentions over the month; in the afternoon, we’ll get outside for an engaged activity
by donation (suggested amounts £30/£25/£17) - click below to book
please bring vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share

Thurs 29 June 7.30 – 9.30pm an evening to come together to discuss our experiences over the last month, including what changes to integrate and implement in our lives
by donation - no need to book

JewelQuest dates for
women who are training for ordination

JewelQuest is an opportunity for women from Colchester, Ipswich, Norwich, Bury St Edmunds and smaller groups like Southend, to come together to practise, deepen connections and be encouraged and supported by local Dharmacharinis. The theme for this year is pratitya samutpada.

26 Mar day in Ipswich
25 Jun day in Colchester
1 - 3 Sep weekend at Vajrasana
15 Oct day in Norwich

jewelquest68@gmail.com for further information.

Dharma Day Festival

2,500 years ago, the Buddha Sakyamuni first turned the Wheel of the Dharma. Dharma Day is a festival when Buddhists from all traditions celebrate their good fortune in coming across the Dharma. Open to all those familiar with the two meditations that we teach.

Sun 9 Jul
10am - 4pm

donations welcome
please bring a vegetarian lunch to share

Padmasambahava Day

Celebrate the figure who took Buddhism to Tibet and is a symbol of the tantric adept, able to overcome and integrate the wild energies that arise in Buddhist practice. Open to everyone familiar with our two meditation practices and with an interest in ritual.

Sun 1 Oct
10am - 4pm

donations welcome
please bring a vegetarian, preferably vegan, lunch to share

Sangha Day Afternoon Festival

On this day we celebrate the red jewel of the Sangha. It's a chance to experience our deep heart connections with each other, through shared practice, as well as spend time together throughout the day. You can read more about Sangha Day here.

Sun 5 Nov
10am - 4pm

donations welcome
please bring a vegetarian, preferably vegan, lunch to share