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Online Intro Buddhist Meditation Course

THE AWAKENING OF LOVING KINDNESS How do we become kinder towards other people? Or kinder towards ourself even? Is it at all possible to generate loving kindness towards all living beings? Sounds like a big ask, an impossible task!

On this four-week course we’ll be learning and examining a traditional Buddhist meditation practice, which goes right back to the time of the Buddha Sakyamuni. We very likely won’t get all the way to demonstrating universal loving kindness, but we will take the first steps in the transformation of mind, moving towards "no perception of inequality, no division, no conflict, and no hostility, having minds of equality, minds of loving kindness, gentle minds, affectionate minds.” (Longer Sukhavativyuha Sutra)

21st October - 11th November
Wednesday nights 7 - 9pm (with a short break in the middle)

£24 (£20 concs.) Further concessions are available. Don't let money be an issue. Please email:

NOTE - Please book before 3.00pm the day the course starts so that we can send you the link to join online via Zoom.