Meditation / Courses

Beginners Mindfulness: The path to peaceful states of mind.

Meditation has been described as a state of energised calm. On this course we'll be learning the mindfulness of breathing meditation during which we become absorbed in the breath. By practicing this meditation regularly we can have access to a deeper awareness of our body and mind; we can learn how to deal effectively with anxious and obsessive thoughts; and we can generally become more energised, focused and calm.

The two meditation practices taught at the Buddhist Centre are Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana (loving kindness). Each practice is taught in a four week course that can be taken independently, but they also fit together as a pair, giving you a total of eight weeks tuition.

Led by Sarvananda and Vajragupta

Wednesday nights 7 - 9pm
10 Mar to 31 Mar
4 weeks £45/£35 (concession)

From Beginners courses you can move on to the Going Deeper with Buddhist Meditation Courses.