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Open Studios artist

Catherine Laura Ward

My Art Practice explores concepts of memory and time. As an Artist I feel a deep desire to make art as a way of exploring myself and the world, and an even deeper desire to communicate that with other people and be understood.
I explore my memories in relationship with my family. I am interested in creating a collective memory between us by looking at a memory we all share and recording all our different interpretations and perspectives. I learn a lot about myself from understanding my Grandparents and Parents conditions and how each generation has an influence. One of my biggest inspirations was becoming interested in museums and how they preserve the history of a generation in a collective memory.
I graduated from the University for the Creative Arts Canterbury: Fine Art BA (Hons) in 2010. 

Open studios artwork

Catherine's art work

Since 2013 I have been making a new series of Gesso drawings based on a Buddhist Yatra Retreat (Yatra meaning to walk) that I went on where we walked from Reading to Stonehenge over the course of a week. We had periods of silent mindful walking, during which I took photographs to record our journey. I found this space very inspiring, and brought it into my art practice in connection with memory with my own walks as well as with other people. I reflect on having my own experience amongst a collective experience, this helps me feel more interconnected and less separate as we are all going in the same direction but on our own path.

I draw into a Gessoed surface with a graphite pencil to make a relief, and by making a mark into the surface I am echoing making a mark on time. I then shade in some of the surface with the graphite pencil and leave some of the gesso showing through, acting as a gateway to allow the audience into the image but also showing the fragility of memories.

Open Studios artist

Dayapanna (Robert Nairn)

Whatever it is that compels me to paint will, I feel, ultimately, never be satisfied by just producing paintings. Nonetheless, during the process of painting, I sense that something inexpressible of my deeper self is manifested in the marks I make. Inspired and motivated by the paintings and sculpture of notable artists, classic to contemporary, I am encouraged by them to attempt to create spontaneous paintings.

Over time, the pictures that I have produced have been influenced, and continue to be so, by concerns and events including: the environment, human conflict, literature and music and by my Buddhist spiritual practices.

Open Studios artwork

Dayapanna's artwork

Dayapanna's piece "Evolutio II".

Open Studio artist

Karunachitta (Andree Shrivell)

My Art practice consists of Oils and Mixed Media Paintings that are inspired by the rural landscape around me, as well as significant journeys and pilgrimages.

In relaxed awareness, I am exploring the unceasing, changing phenomena and conditions. 'Empty' but existing as the play of light; like luminous worlds of colour and pattern, shadows in a field, worn track ways, and sky, sea and space. I wish to express the vibrancy and sacredness of these experiences.

My paintings are mainly oils, sometimes with thinners and glazes. At times I also use Acrylics, making them react with the oils by pouring or bleeding for example. This takes me to an area between control and chaos which I find exciting.

Open Studio artwork

Karunachitta's artwork

BA Fine Art NSAD 1999



Open Studios artist

Khemin (Titus William Lowe)

I have been painting mostly in oils for about 30 years ,I started to paint when I started to meditate. I believe meditation opened up an appreciation of life , and meditation still feeds that aesthetic quality, I believe meditation to be the most creative thing I could do. 

I am mostly self-taught , and I was lucky enough to have a mentor in a professional artist named Geoffrey Chatten who is well known in the area and we have been friends for over 40 years. He taught me to go out and sketch and then paint from the sketches . I have tried many different methods and I find this basic simple method suits me best , he also taught me how to "let go " and paint in a much freer way.

Open Studios artwork

Khemin's artwork

Painting comes out of my meditation, not that I paint experiences from meditation, it opens me up to something within me that may never have come out, like appreciation of beauty, in all it's weird and wonderful form.

I did go to art college in Gt Yarmouth for a number of years, and this was where I learnt to draw, and how to "see " which is the foundation of drawing.

I am inspired by colour, and an emotional response to thick rich colou , no matter how well drawn out a picture is, for me it's the composition and colour that attracts me, and a mystery to the subject matter. Mostly I do not know what I am doing, I have a sketch, but I don't stick rigidly to the sketch it is usually a doorway into an area that I am unfamiliar with, sometimes I feel uncomfortable with what I am doing, sometimes I am pleased with what I have done, sometimes I am not. I have gotten used to that over the years.

Mostly I am getting in my own way, by thinking too much, if I can put aside thinking and trust my intuition, I usually get a more favourable response.

Open Studios artwork

Saroja (David Baccus)

Working outside directly from nature is important to me. I'm able to observe the constantly changing events that make up the landscape, often revisiting the same locations at different times: day, night, winter, summer. Being connected to the processes of growth, decay, rebirth and feeling the effects of weather and light, all this is the genesis of painting for me. The landscape itself often suggests the style of working; sometimes simplified to the point of abstraction, at others more representational. More often than not I work in series, exploring a motif under different conditions, over time, following suggestions from the working process itself.

I find I have a strong affinity with the Canadian group of seven, particularly Tom Thompson, Fred Varlet and Arthur Lismer, in whose painting the forces of nature seem to surge with a vital energy. Nearer to home the English landscape tradition is a source of inspiration, the Romantic moderns where Mondrian's influence can be felt. I also feel grateful for the example of Rowland Hilder and an excitement about Eric Ravillious' watercolours.

Having taught art for a large part of my life, I was encouraged in my transition to full-time painting to have work accepted from a nationwide entry of 1500 and to be shown as one of fifty artists over fifty years of age in Brighton's celebration of age exhibition, in 2006.

Since then I have exhibited in a variety of shows including; The Mercury Theatre Colchester (2008), Norwich Castle Open (2010). During 2011 I took part for a second year in Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios. Visitors found the opportunity to visit my riverside studio, set in the landscape from which the paintings have developed, to be enjoyable and instructive.

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Open Studios artwork

Tejaratna (Paul Lynch)

I was born and brought up in East London and been living in Norwich for the past 26 years. I've been a Buddhist for over 37 years.

I have been a photographer for the last 15 years, which I have taken more seriously for about 10 years. I mainly work using black and white film. The camera's I use are medium format cameras, a "toy camera" called Holga120GN and Pentax67II and I use Ilford film and photograph paper. I am more at home using film and I find working in in the darkroom a magical experience, plus using the Holga gives a dream like quality to my images.

Most of the images were taken on the North Norfolk coast. This part of Norfolk has some of my favourite parts of the county; the big sky's I find so inspiring. Plus for the last 5 years my Brother and my sister plus her son Thomas have spent a week sharing a cottage in Sheringham where a lot of these images were taken. If you want any more information about my work, you can email me.