Retreats / Day Events

Buddha Day Festival

Sun 19 May

Arrive from 9.30am for a 10.15am start - Finish at 4.00pm
at Saccaka's place, Forncett St Mary, near Long Stratton

(Contact the centre for directions)

A day out in the country….
Join the Sangha to celebrate the Buddha’s Enlightenment!
Recognise your own potential for Enlightenment!
Bring your own Buddha (rupa or picture) for the opening ceremony.
Hear a talk by Ratnaghosha from Cambridge Buddhist Centre.
Take part in a ‘Touching the Earth’ Puja.
Family-friendly event - there’ll be a separate space for young kids/parents.
Please bring a contribution to shared veggie/vegan lunch.
Bring your own mug to help the catering team.
There’ll be mats/cushions/blankets there, but bringing your own seat will help

Please consider the environment - arrange to share lifts, or why not cycle there?

✸✸Help still needed for set-up in advance (contact Bodhivajra via the centre), and for catering on the day (contact Sam Cottiss via the centre)✸

All welcome

By donation

The Wisdom of Forgiveness – A Silent Day Retreat

Sun 9 June
10.15am for 10.30am – 4pm

Much of the turbulence we experience in our mind is due to an inability to forgive ourselves and others, or to let go of our high expectations. So we engage in a battle against how things actually are; in reality. Beneath this lack of forgiveness we are fine; not just fine but brilliant and worthy of a self-love which in its fullness embraces everyone and the whole world. Our practices today will be based on metta, gratitude, and forgiveness, and include led meditations, poetry and reflection.

Led by Vajraguptā

£30 / £22

Please bring vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share

Creative Writing Day

Sun 23 June

10am - 4pm

Sharpen your quills...Satyagita will be leading another creative writing day. The session will include warm-up writing exercises in the morning – nothing too strenuous – and then possibly a writing marathon in the afternoon, or more exercises, depending on how warmed-up people feel. The writing we will be doing is for your eyes only and does not have to be read out (though you may want to).

Led by Satyagita

£30 / £22

Please bring vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share