Retreats / Day Events

Sangha Day Festival

On this day we celebrate the red jewel of the Sangha. It's a chance to experience our deep heart connections with each other, through shared practice, as well as spend time together throughout the day. You can read more about Sangha Day here.

Sun 5 Nov
10am - 4pm

donations welcome
please bring a vegetarian, preferably vegan, lunch to share

Satipatthana Meditation - The Direct Path to Realisation

According to the Buddha, wisdom arises in dependence upon direct seeing that the five aggregates and the six sense bases are impermanent, bound up with suffering and devoid of a substantial self. On this day we will seek to observe these truths in our own experience

Led by Alokadhara

Sun 19 Nov 10am – 4pm

By donation (suggested amounts £30/£25/£17)
Please bring vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share

Chanting the Dharma

Chanting is a great way to encourage and express our emotional connection to the Dharma. With body, speech and mind we can fill our whole being with mantras and songs which reflect our practice. Led by Vajragupta

Sat 16 Dec
10am - 1pm

donations welcomed