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Silent Meditation Morning - The Mirage We Create

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The stories we create about our lives, other people and the world are nothing more than opinions, habits and mistaken views. Knowing this truth liberates us because with that understanding comes a sense of humour, when we see clearly how seriously we take ourselves. This insight is epitomised by the image of the fat laughing Buddha! Tension, anxiety and stress all arise from the mirage that we create every day, every hour and every minute. ‘Selfing’ is the habit behind the mirage: ways in which we try to protect our self from criticism, from fear, from failure, from facing our mortality. This morning of meditation will help us see through the mirage by uncovering a deeper, more universal reality; a reality of spacious aliveness which we all share when we know how to relax into open awareness. The morning will include a short talk and meditations (led and unled).

Participants should have at least six months of regular meditation practice.

NOTE this event is silent from arrival to departure.

Led by Vajraguptā

Sun 18 April

10am – 12pm

Cost £15 (full) £12 (concession)

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