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Going Deeper - Online Buddhist Meditation Course

**Please book online by 2.30pm on Wed 26 May, so we can send you the Zoom link**

This course is for those who have done a Mindfulness and a Metta meditation course, or for more experienced meditators who might want a refresher.

Having learnt those techniques, you may wonder what else there is to learn. But meditation is a dynamic process not a set routine, in just the same way that our mind is a continual activity of thoughts, ideas, emotions, views. Can we control our mind, tame it or befriend it?
On this course we’ll be discovering more tools to help us engage with the flow of mind, with curiosity and interest, taking a few steps closer towards clarity and freedom.

Led by Bodhivajra & Mari

Wednesday nights 7 - 9pm
26 May to 16 Jun

4 weeks £45/£35 (concession)

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