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Meditation Morning - A Look into The Nature of Mind and Meditation in Buddhist Practice.

**Please book online by 2.30pm on Fri 18 June, so we can send you the zoom link**

Our relative, everyday mind carries all of our kleshas (mental states that cloud the mind) and dukkha (suffering/unsatisfactoriness). The true nature of mind holds none of them and is free from suffering; we could abide there - with practice - so, during this morning, we will be examining and meditating deeply upon our minds.

The morning will include a short talk and meditations

The event is intended for experienced meditators who have some continuity of stability in their samatha (mindfulness) meditation sessions.

Note: this event is silent from arrival to departure.

Led by Dayapanna

Sun 20 Jun

10am – 12pm

Cost £15 (full) £12 (concession)

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