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Cancelled - Dharma Day Festival

Dear Friends,

We’re very sorry to tell you that Dharma Day has been cancelled, due to the increasing covid situation.This is such a disappointment for all of us, and the decision has not been taken lightly, nor without consulting others. Just as things were beginning to ease up, there is a now a current of uncertainty and anxiety among members of the Sangha. We really do not want to contribute to the increase of covid. Norfolk is currently below the national average of cases, apart from Great Yarmouth which is twice as high as the average. Norwich cases are increasing, and Sheringham also is affected.

We know we won’t all be in agreement about this decision - some folk are not too bothered about the risks, others are very concerned - but we decided that the safe option was also the most responsible one. An awful lot of work has gone into this event, but the only way to deal with this disappointment is to recognise the Dharma teaching: that all things are impermanent, liable to change, including all our plans. We just have to accept the situation, this is the way it is….

With much metta to you all,Bodhivajra and Viprasanna (organisers)

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