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Buddhism Course for Beginners

Wisdom Mind, Compassionate Heart - The Buddhist Path to Freedom

The goal of the Buddhist path is complete freedom from states of mind and heart that cause us suffering. The journey towards this freedom involves looking deeply into our own nature to uncover the qualities we all have as human beings in the very best sense of the word, qualities like integrity, courage, awareness and compassion. This work, which re-connects us to who we truly are, can be deeply relaxing, joyful and expansive.

In this four-week course, we will be sharing key principles, stories and activities which bring these ancient teachings to life, enabling us to receive their gifts and also discover the doorway to freedom that it offers.

The course includes: Live teaching, experiential taste of Buddhist meditation, discussion, Q & A.

Week 1 - The Life of the Buddha and its fundamental messages
Week 2 - Uncovering and applying awareness (mindfulness) and compassion
Week 3 - Buddhist action - five key principles for cultivating a beautiful life, heart and mind.
Week 4 - Doorways to Wisdom - living in harmony with the way things are.

This is an in-person event and we look forward to welcoming you to the Norwich Buddhist Centre. Please check HERE for the latest guidance on making our Centre safe for each other.

Led by Sujana and Sinhadakini

Wednesdays 7 – 9pm
29 Sept - 20 Oct
4 week course £45/£35

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