Our Centre

Norwich Buddhist Centre has been in the heart of the city since 1976.

About Norwich Buddhist Centre

Spread across three floors, our Centre has a reception area, a ground floor shrine room, the main shrine room and lending library on the second floor and a yoga studio on the top floor.

Our Centre has a Council which is the legal governing body of the Charity and meets monthly to discuss new initiatives, current issues and financial matters relating to the Centre.

As with all Triratna Buddhist Centres, we also have a President, who is from a different Triratna Buddhist Centre. Presidents offer an outside perspective to the Council, as well as providing support and encouragement.

Our classes and courses are run by experienced teachers.

Our Council members, President and teachers offer their time freely and all of these roles are unpaid. In certain circumstances the Council may agree to offer financial support connected with specific roles and based upon personal circumstances.

The day to day running of our Centre is done by a small team of Co-ordinators. They work closely with the Council and take on the administration of the Centre as well as working with volunteers and on specific projects.

You do not need to consider yourself a Buddhist to come to the Centre – all are welcome.