Dharma Day

Six weeks after celebrating Shakyamuni Buddha’s Enlightenment in May, at the full moon in July we’ll be celebrating the Buddha’s Turning of the Wheel of the Dharma. That is to say, when he first communicated his experience to others.

This year’s Dharma Day will have an extra dimension: an introduction to the Buddha Vairocana. This is because at the NBC this year we have the theme of the Five Buddha Mandala, and Vairocana – at the centre of the mandala – dwells in the Dharmadhatu, the Realm of Reality, and one of his symbols is the Dharmacakra, the wheel of the Dharma.

This day-long festival will be happening at Viryashalin’s field (much gratitude to him), near Holt in North Norfolk. We have a large marquee for the event which can accommodate more people than our Centre, so this is a great opportunity for lots of us to gather together for shared practice, meeting old friends and making new ones.

More details to follow, do put the date in your diary right now.

Please bring a vegan lunch and cakes to share. Children (supervised) welcome.

Teas and coffee provided. Please bring a mug with you for hot drinks, this will save on washing up on the day. There will be mats and cushions available but you may prefer to bring your own meditation gear, or a folding chair.

Hosted by Viryasalin at Townsends Pightle, Holt Road, Thornage, Holt, NR25 7QB – see below for directions.

We want to minimise the number of cars used on the day. If you are planning to drive without any passengers, please consider offering or requesting a lift. 

If you need a lift or can offer a lift, please let us know in the ‘Any Other Info’ section of your booking.

Level Of Experience Needed: All

Led By: Bodhivajra

Date/Time: July 21, 2024 - 10:00am - 4:30pm

Suggested Donation: £20/£15/£8/£5/£0


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