Introduction to Meditation – At the Centre

Buddhist meditation teaches how we can feel joy, vitality and peace in our lives regardless of the challenges of the outside world.  It is a teaching that can bring hope in today’s troubled times.  You will learn how meditation practice helps us to deal with anxiety and stress and brings resilience and courage.  Instead of feeling a sense of powerlessness, we can feel a sense of curiosity, fortitude and wonder at the richness and beauty of small things.

On this six-week course you will learn two meditation practices and how to apply them in your everyday life.  The mindfulness of breathing calms the mind and the mettabhavana brings the warmth and well-being of loving kindness.

The course is led by Sujana, one of our most experienced meditation teachers and he will be supported by Tim Wright.

Level Of Experience Needed: Beginners

Led By: Sujana, Tim Wright

Date/Time: November 9, 2022 - December 14, 2022 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Price: £90 / £72 / £30


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