Silent Meditation Morning Online

Fear of Existing, Fear of Not Existing

It’s obvious to us all why we have a fear of death, or at least of the dying process. We fear pain and the loss of everything we know. Perhaps it’s less obvious why we fear life. We attempt to control our lives, to hide behind a false sense of certainty, in order to feel secure. This fear is a cause of much anxiety and avoidance behaviour. Meditation and silence help us to face our deepest fears and teaches us how to relax into the spaciousness that is always available to us, when we’re courageous enough to be aware. Join me for a morning which will include a short talk and meditations.

Level Of Experience Needed: Regulars

Led By: Vajragupta

Date/Time: February 20, 2022 - 10:00am - 12:00pm

Price: £15/£12 (concession)


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