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Opening the Heart in Difficult Times

Silent Meditation morning with Vajraguptā

Sunday 15th August

We may be asking ourselves whether this extraordinary time we’re living through is more difficult or extreme than other times in history. Our self concern can give us the impression that life has never been so hard, so lonely, so restrictive. Our expectations are determined by the past - conditions that we’ve taken for granted, perhaps not realising now extraordinarily fortunate those conditions were.

But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be happy; to be at ease and relaxed with the way things are. Keeping our heart in good condition requires kindly awareness as well as perspective on the reality of living in a world where other beings also have needs and desires.

This meditation morning will encourage us to gently acknowledge our difficulties while resting in the broader perspective of the reality of dukkha.

**Please book online by 2.30pm on Fri 13th August, so we can send you the zoom link**

Note: this event is silent from arrival to departure.

Led by Vajragupta

10am – 12pm

Cost £15 (full) £12 (concession)