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'he who is endowed with compassion'

Dayapanna says: "Seeing new meditators realise that they have opened a gate for themselves, beyond which lies a path to a new life, is true joy.  Working at the Norwich Buddhist Centre with others, whether I am doing minor electrical jobs, making strong coffee for the Monday morning shift, leading drop-in classes, weekend retreats or events, are happy times both rewarding and fulfilling.  Most afternoons you will find me in my studio painting.”


Centre Teachers


Jnanabhasa was ordained in 2013 and has been teaching regularly at the centre ever since. He regularly attends retreats at Vajraloka and enjoys finding different ways to explore and communicate teachings on meditaiton.


Centre Teachers


'energy for enlightenment'

Bodhivajra was ordained by Sangharakshita in 1985, and has been teaching at the NBC since moving here in 1989. He leads occasional festival days and weekend retreats, a weekly study group for mitras, and the Buddhism and Meditation class on Fridays. He says, " What I most enjoy about the Friday class is doing spontaneous talks - which is also challenging! I love talking about the Dharma, and seeing it’s effect on people.”

Bodhivajra is an accomplished pianist who writes and performs solo and with other musicians, including jazz quartet Red Shadow. You can read more on his website: www.peterhayesmusic.com.

Centre Teachers


Leading classes and courses and getting to know people who want to find out about the Buddhist path is a very important aspect of my life. I took on the role of chair of the Norwich Buddhist Centre in Nov 2018, overseeing the spiritual welfare of the Centre alongside the other Trustees.

Alongside my teaching at the Buddhist Centre, I practice as a Counselling Psychologist, and like to have as much time as possible in my meditation cabin in the garden, as well as time for practising piano and learning Greek.

photo by Alexandra Bone: www.alexandrabone.co.uk

Centre Teachers


'lion who dances in the freedom of space'

Sinhadakini is involved in teaching, directing study and befriending at the Centre. She works in education, has two grown up sons and is writing memoires of her early life in Sheffield.

Centre Teachers


'he who has a beautiful, lovely, auspicious mind'

Kalyanamati was ordained in 2008 and became the men's mitra convenor in 2015. He leads a men's mitra study group ongoingly, and is also involved in running the Men's Buddhist Workshop, which meets on the last Saturday morning of the month.

Centre Teachers


'lion of loving kindness'

Maitrisingha was recently ordained in 2018. He has been part of the centre team since 2014, and has been involved in leading drop in classes for a number of years. He co leads the Men's Buddhist Workshop, various meditation courses, and is involved in weekend retreats.

Centre Teachers



Sarvananda originally hails from Glasgow but Norfolk has been his home now for about twenty five years. An Order member since 1987, he has been very involved with the Norwich Buddhist Centre and the movement - teaching, giving talks and wearing a variety of different hats.

He is the author of an introductory book on Buddhism, "Meaning in Life" and another called "Solitude and Loneliness", both published by Windhorse. He is a keen meditator, swimmer, and ardent fan of the writer, Anton Chekov. He's currently teaching an introductory Buddhism course with Sujana. 

Centre Teachers


Sujana has worn many hats at the centre over the years, running the Winter Retreat, teaching regularly, and sitting on the Council.

He is currently taking a well earned break after serving as Chair of the centre for 10 years.

Centre Teachers


'the bearer of light'

Alokadhara originally met the Dharma in Brighton, but he moved to Padmaloka before his ordination and has been living in Norfolk ever since. He joined the Council in January 2009.

In addition to his role as Treasurer, he teaches weekly classes at the centre and regular courses on Meditation & Buddhism as well as the Foundation Course, and is the Buddhist Chaplain at the UEA.

Centre Teachers


'she who sings the truth'

Ordained in 2001, Satyagita first came to the Triratna Buddhist Community in Cambridge, but is originally from Norfolk and has called Norwich her home for many years.

Satyagita has led the Castle Acre Winter Retrea for five years. She also sits on the Buddhist Centre Council and teaches courses at the Centre.

She enjoys words, images, film and takes two sugars in her coffee.

Centre Teachers


Amrta moved to Norwich in the early 2000's after living at Padmaloka, the men's retreat centre in Surlingham, for a number of years. He was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1996.

He taught Wednesday drop-in classes at the Centre for years, and enjoys meeting people who are experiencing meditation for the first time.

An accomplished artist, Amrta also leads private art lessons from his home in the Golden Triangle, as well as working on his own art and taking commissions. You can view his work here: www.buddhapixie.com and www.amrit-art.com.

Centre Teachers


'one who flies with the truth' or 'flowing truth'

Satyadaka was ordained in 1990 from the Croydon Centre. He worked in Hockney's vegetarian restaurant in the Croydon Centre for 12 years. He came to Norwich in 1996 to pursue a practice of the Arts with Bodhivajra, Viprasanna and Sarvananda and to have nothing to do with the Centre...

He became Chairman of the Norwich Centre in 1998 and held that post for 8 years, after which he returned to pursuing jazz, both with and without Bodhivajra, Viprasanna and Sarvananda.

He occasionally teaches meditation and Buddhism classes at the Centre.