Welcome to The Meditation Challenge 2022 resources page!

What’s On This Week?

  • Morning meditation on Zoom
    Monday to Thursday 7.30am – 8.30am
  • Evening meditation at the Centre for beginners
    Tuesday 7pm – 9pm
  • Evening meditation at the Centre for regulars
    Thursday 7pm – 9pm
  • Weekly check-in on Zoom
    Friday 6pm – 7pm


Welcome to Week 2 of the Challenge

We hope that you have enjoyed Week 1 and have seen some benefits of meditating every day.  But as Maitrisingha points out, even though you were inspired to set out, you may encounter some resistance.

You’ve been out on the boat.  You’ve had a salt taste of the open sea and a glimpse of the freedom but the thought of a jellyfish has you wanting to jump ship and run screaming back to shore ….

This week is about commitment.  We can recognise that there is always the impulse to stay safe in the port and not risk ourselves on the open sea.  For our meditation to flourish, we need to learn that living from our impulses and habits is not freedom.  We need to see that commitment, far from constraining us, can make us free.

Fear not, Maitrisingha has some ways we can become captains of our ship, captains courageous.  (Here’s a clue: the word courage comes from the French word ‘coeur’ meaning heart.)

See how it feels when you strengthen your resolve with your commitment this week.  Does energy get freed up when you’ve made up your mind?