COURSES AND EVENTS MOVING ONLINE as Centre closed until further notice

Buddhism is a tradition of teaching and practice that helps people to unfold the inner riches of love, wisdom, and energy that lie within us all.

It is a treasure house of guidance and help for those who wish to develop ever higher levels of being and consciousness.


Ever wondered what Buddhism has to offer? Try a drop-in class where the Buddha's teachings on all aspects of life are set in a modern context.
The objective of our short courses is to introduce you to some of the basic philosophy and practices of Buddhism. The longer courses cover a wider range of teachings and provide an exploratory context through discussion and homework reflection.
Weekend events on explicitly Buddhist themes include our Festival Days where the Buddha's Life is celebrated, a day on chanting and a day on the qualities of enlightenment as represented by the five colourful Buddhas of the mandala. You don't need to be a budding Buddhist to attend our day on creative writing, indeed any of these events is open to anyone interested.