Meditation / Events

Introductory Meditation Morning

Sat 6 Oct
10am - 12pm noon

To take up meditation is to introduce a powerful force for change in your life, and can be the beginning of life's greatest adventure. This introductory morning is an opportunity to sample a deeper meditative atmosphere and be introduced to our two meditation practices. Led by Rijusiddha.

No need to book, just turn up before 10am.

£7 / £5 concs.

Satipatthana Meditation - The Direct Path to Realisation

Sun 21 Oct
10am - 4pm

According to the Buddha, wisdom arises in dependence upon direct seeing that the five aggregates and the six sense bases are impermanent, bound up with suffering and devoid of a substantial self. On this day we will seek to observe these truths in our own experience. Open to those who have been meditating for at least a year. Led by Alokadhara.

Please bring vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share


Living Awareness Meditation Day

Sun 9 Dec
9.30am - 4pm

A day of intensive meditation practice in an atmosphere of stillness and calm. Open to everyone familiar with our two meditation practices.
Led by Dayapanna

Please bring a vegetarian, ideally vegan, lunch to share